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Supply List 

Ms. Nelson's


Supply List

2 packs TWISTABLE Crayola crayons.  These are more durable and last!

2 packages of pencils (Ticonderoga brand sharpen better & last longer)

1 scissors (ROUNDED TIPS)

Glue sticks  Lots of these!  (used daily with Interactive notebooks)

3 reams white copy paper

1 package cap erasers

1 package large erasers

3  three-prong folders (may be plastic) 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 red

1  "take home" folder can be any color or theme (These are for their Jungle Binders that I have purchased)

2 black dry erase markers

1 pair head phones - these will be used daily and will not be shared

2 (or more) boxes of tissues

2 packages of paper towels (Viva is the FAVORITE!  They can be used as tissue when we run out of tissue!)

1 bottle of hand sanitizer, medium or large w/green aloe (this type does not dry out their hands)

Please label supplies with your child's name, if possible


1 ream colored paper...any color

Skittles or M&M's - for daily AR rewards

GUM!  can be sugar-free, for testing days!


All students must have a tote bag. BACKPACKS are not allowed.  Tote bags may be purchased from the school, bought,  handmade, or use an old one from a previous year.