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January 14th-January 18th
This week's phonics skill: This week we will be discussing the endings -ed as in played.
This week's Story: Frog and Toad Together
Our spelling words are: ask, asked, call, called, help, helped, jog, jogged, plan, planned, again, and soon. 
Language Skill: We will be working on past and present verbs. (ex: Summer plays with friends. Summer played with friends.)
Math: We will be finishing up Topic 8. We will be taking our Topic 8 test on Thursday. I will send home a review on Wednesday night so that you can practice these skills with your child. This topic takes about tens and ones and how they make numbers. 
Science: This is a Social Studies week. 
Social Studies: This week we will be talking about time with a Studies Weekly. This topic ties into our language skill because it speaks about the past, present, and future. 
Announcements for this week: 
- Please remember that all checkouts end at 2:40 daily. 
- Car riders and daycare dismiss at 2:55 and bus riders dismiss at 3:00. The carpool like starts at 3:00. 
- Special snack Friday will be going on every Friday snacks are $1.00 each.
- Remember that yearbooks are still on sale all next week. Make sure to order one early for the lower price of $20. You can also purchase ads for your child! 
- We will be taking the Reading performance series test on Monday. Make sure your child is PRESENT and focused. 


Please remember that our reading story homework is due every Friday morning!

Each day it needs to be signed by parents.