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Class News & Announcements  


January 14, 2019

Thank you for checking in with us this week! Here's what to expect..

 New AR Goals!! Please be PROACTIVE and let's get going on our goals NOW and not later....

Weekly testing as usual on Friday.

Please send in 2 containers of Disinfecting wipes and one can of Disinfecting spray. We will wipe down and spray our classroom daily. Tis the season of bad germs!!! Thank you to the ones who have sent these items in! We really appreciate it!

* Each Thursday will be HOUSE SPIRIT DAY... the kiddos need to wear their House shirt each Thursday. 

*January 17 HOUSE meeting day. Be sure your child has on their HOUSE shirt today

*January 18 Special Snack today $1.00

*Janurary 21: NO SCHOOL today

*January 22: 100th Day of School. Children may dress up as a 100 year old person today.

*January 25: Special Snack

*Yearbooks on sale $25. This year our yearbooks will be hardcover and have some new features!

If you are interested in doing an "ad" or special shout out to your child in the yearbook, you may still do so. 1/8 page is $15

1/4 page is $25

1/2 page is $50

Let me know and I can send that info home to you. I didn't want you to miss out on being able to say something special to your child in their yearbook. This is not just for business ads.

Your child will be bringing home a packet on Tuesday that is our next fundraiser....guess what...NO SELLING involved. All you have to do is fill out the cards with names/addresses and return the cards. PPS will get money for each card returned, but we need you to return ALL the cards. The names you turn in will NOT be harrassed or called to make purchases. They will be sent info about ordering magazines...that's it!!! PLEASE help us out with this fundraiser!!




Weekly Homework:

*Each child needs to read THREE AR books to you during the week. They will be required to take a test on each of these books during the week

I will check each Monday to see who has and has not completed their weekly AR goals. You will be able to keep up with your child's AR progress in the Data Binder portion of their Daily Binder. 

Data Binder: You will see a new section in your child's daily binder that is their Data Binder. They will keep up with their AR, Reflex and Attendance progress daily. This is a very exciting thing we are starting to go along with our Leader in Me/7 Habits. I can't wait for the kids to start showing off with the goals they set and surpass!

*Also, if your child has LEXIA minutes each week, I STRONGLY encourage you to allow your child to work on this at home. They are able to work on it in class each week, but with 20 children and only 3 computers and 5 ipads, we run out of time.


AR, LEXIA  and REFLEX are very important and helpful ways to help your child grow in their Reading and Math skills. The children have goal sheets in our class for AR, Lexia and Reflex. Please encourage your child to WORK FIRST and then PLAY!


Reading Skills, Spelling/Dictation and Grammar tests on Friday

Math: Two-digit subtraction, with and without subtraction review. Numbers up to 1000.


DICTATION INFO: As for the dictation, the children will hear me slowly read a sentence to them and they will need to write each word correctly as well start the sentence with a capital letter and have the appropriate punctuation at the end. All words in the sentences are either phonics based (words they should be able to sound out and spell), Spelling words they have been taught or words from first grade. Be sure they are looking over the words at home and will be ready to test on Friday.


*Here is a list of High Frequency Words (HFW) that your child should be able to read and spell for this week: 

 world, woman, work,machines, live, everywhere

*Weekly Story Words (be able to read and understand what they mean):

 harvest, soil, vines, bumpy, smooth, root, fruit

*Reading/Language Arts:

*Math: Double Digit subtraction with and without regrouping, Numbers to 1000

*Social Studies:  Martin Luther King Jr.


*Leader in Me Habits Review....How can we be sure to incorporate each habit into our lives? And how can we encourage our children to live the Leader in Me life??



*REMIND this is the MOST important way I need to be able to communicate with our families. Please be sure you have signed up to receive texts from me weekly through REMIND.  Enter this message: 81010 Text this message: @mills1819

  • Email:
  • SEESAW Family app...please download this app so your child is able to send you pictures and videos of them doing amazing things in the classroom
  • Instagram page..... PrimaryTeachingTales....please follow us on Instagram
  • Your child can increase their phonics/reading skills by working on the Lexia Core 5 app at home. They are assigned minutes each week they need to meet. They do have time to work at school but working at home is always a PLUS!!


Mrs. Mills

Let them be LITTLE,

Let them DISCOVER,

Let them CREATE,

Let them make MISTAKES,



Let them PLAY!



 Upcoming Dates:

December 18: Christmas Pageant 1pm

December 19: AR Celebration







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