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Yearbooks on sale now!  Price goes up to $25 on Jan. 14.  Don't wait!  :) 

*** Check with your child and ask if they have all their classroom supplies. ***

(dry erase markers, headphones)






Stay Informed with Remind 101

This is a great way to get text messages with information just for our class.  Thanks for your help! 

Directions:  Dial (334)370-0451  and text  @dutto



Lunch- $2.50
Breakfast- $1.25
APT membership donation:  $5.00



Check out our Homework/Newsletter to get the details for each week.

 Your child will have homework each week.  Please look over your child's homework each week and offer help when needed.  This is a great opportunity to help your child and to keep up with their progress in mastering their skills.  Together, we will work to provide the best education for your child.  Thanks!


Graded papers will be sent home on Tuesdays each week.

Please look them over, sign the top sheet, and return the stapled page.


2018 - 2019 School Year General Info

  • Your child may purchase snack and juice at school. The cost is 75 cents for each item purchased. Please put their snack money in a labeled Ziplock baggie and slide it in their binder.
  • Please check your child’s take home binder every day.  He/she will bring it to school each morning and take it home each afternoon. 
  • Please return any forms not turned in at orientation as soon as possible. Thanks!

Reminder: Our school uses canvas bags. No backpacks, please.


Lunchroom  Information:

Lunch for students - $2.50

Lunch for parents - $3.00

Breakfast for students - $1.25

Juice and snack - 75 cents each