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August 2019   

Supply List

Mrs. Slay’s Class


Dear Parents,

Listed below are the supplies needed for our classroom. You may bring the items the day of Orientation! Please write your child’s name on each item! Thank you so much!!


1 supply zipper pouch or box

1 (4oz.) bottles Elmer’s glue (no gel please)

6 sticks of Elmer’s glue (Rose Art doesn’t work well!)

4 boxes Crayola crayons (no more than 24 please)

1 pair blunt tip Fiscar scissors

1 pack of cap erasers

1 big pink eraser

1 pack of solid color #2 pencils

1 ream of white copy paper (500 sheets) –Walmart

1 plastic 2 pocket folder (to replace home folder later in year)

1 Clipboard

1 roll paper towels

1 box Kleenex

1 bottle waterless soap (Germ X)



Extra Classroom supply: ___________________________


Wish List Items:

Index Cards                              Clear Page Protectors

White Cardstock                       Color Cardstock

Big or small paper plates            Sticky Notes





May 6th - May 10th  

May 7th - Last Day to turn in $$ for Field Day Snack

May 8th - Lanark Field Trip

Lanark Field Trip

May 8, 2019

We are looking forward to a fun filled day of outdoor learning and exploring at Lanark next week. This field trip will include walking trails, exploring the new nature center, fishing, and taking a walk down the creek, so dress comfortably for the outdoors!

·         Buses will leave at 8:30 a.m.

·         Parent Chaperones will meet us at the Alabama Nature Center (Lanark) in Milbrook by 8:45 a.m.

·         Students MUST wear closed-toe shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather/temperatures.

·         You may want to apply sunscreen to your child before coming to school and if your child tends to get bug bites easily, you may send bug spray in their bag to apply once we get there.

·         Students will need a pair of water shoes for the creek hike and a bag with their name that has an extra set of clothes (undergarments included) and a towel just in case they get wet while on the creek hike!

****Chaperones will need water shoes to walk down the creek also. Water is usually just above the ankle. Crocs are not recommended as they can get stuck easily in the mud.

·         All students have paid for lunch at Lanark! No snack are needed.



May 9th - Last Day to AR Test 

                - All Library books MUST be turned in.

            - ALL WEEKLY Reading TESTS will be given today!


May 10th - Field Day  (8:00 - 12:30 p.m.)


April 26th - May 3rd  

April 29  - Ninja Party (students who met their goal recieved an invitation today and it was sent home in their folder. 

            - The students who met their goal may dress in a Ninja Costume on Monday!


April 30 - LANARK Field Trip $24.50 Due by 8 a.m.

May 1st - DIBELS Day

            - Send in $2 for Field Day Shirt 

              (Mrs. Reed will make our shirts!)


April 15 - April 18  

This is a busy week for us at PPS!  

ACADEMIC NOTES: Since this is a short week, I will have 2 days to teach the weekly Reading skills thouroughly. Wednesday, we will be in and out of the classroom for Performance Series and Bunny Hop so our time to review will be limited. Remember time is limited to take 2 AR Tests this week also to stay on track for meeting goals. Time to get new books could be limited on Wednesday and Thursday, so it might be best to try to take tests tomorrow and Tuesday!

***Due to the short week, ALL TESTS will be given on THURSDAY! 


April 15th - Review Habit 7

April 16th - Last day to turn in Bunny Hop $5 to walk with the class!

April 17th -Math Performance Series 9:15 - 10:15 

                     (**PLEASE MAKE ALL EFFORTS to have students AT SCHOOL during this testing time! It is                         difficult to make this test up as it is given on the computer in our Reading Coach's classroom.)

                        -BUNNY HOP 1 p.m.

***Mrs. Reed did an awesome job making our bunny t-shirts to wear while we walk!  I will give students their shirts on Wednesday.  Please send students in something they can switch t-shirts in or something they can slide the bunny shirt over for the day! Feel free to send "bunny ear" headbands if you already have some.

April 18th -Career Day Presentation (9:20 - 10:05 a.m.)

               -House Meeting 2:05 -2:40 p.m.




April 8 - April 12  

Slide Show Image

***This is the picture used on Prattville Primary's main website.  The link does not work from my site.  To have easy access to the link, please go to the Prattville Primary website to find the survey! 

***ALL students whose parents complete the survey, take a picture of the "Survey Complete" message, and send the picture to Mrs. Slay for confirmation of completion will receive a treat! 


April 10th - Reading Performance Series

               - Return or pay for picture packet sent home last week.

                    - You may continue to send in $ for the Bunny Hop! Cost is $5

                       per person to walk.

April 11 th - Launch Spirit Night 4-8

April 12th - No Special Snack

               - Students of parents who complete Leader in Me survey and show

                  proof of completion will receive a special treat on this day!


AR - Remember on 5 weeks left to meet goal

     - Students should be testing on at LEAST 2 BOOKS EACH WEEK!

     - Some students will need to 3 tests each week to meet goal.

     - Please try your best to meet goal early.  Some days we have limited time to test or get new books due to Field Trips, special days or events held during the school day. 

TOP READER:  Landon White


April 1 - April 5  

Slide Show Image

****Permission Slip is on the Prattville Primary main webpage! 


Reading:  REVIEW WEEK (no new homework)

--Review High Frequency Words and skillls from each of the 6 Homework pages from stories 1-6 in Book 4.   

--Unit 4 Test will be Thursday/Friday of this week.


Accelerated Reader -Begins for 4th Nine Weeks April 1st and ends May 10th. 

***Students met with me yesterday and know what their weekly goal is.  Their Nine Weeks Goal is listed in the box at the bottom of their Tracking Calendar & on their AR Log. 

***Please get a jump start on reading and taking AR tests early.  As the nine weeks goes by, we will have activities/field trips that may limit the time available to take AR tests/get new AR books.  I don't want students to wait until the last 2 weeks to try to meet their goal and think they will able to take a test each day because that may not be the case. 




March 18th - March 22nd  

Slide Show Image


**AR Goal Deadline:  Wednesday, March 20th

*Remember, students will not be able to check out new Library books from our Library due to the Book Fair.  Students may continue to read AR books and take tests by using e-books.  Directions on how to find e-books can be found on the PPS website under Library and Links! 


March 19th:  Last Day to send in a white t-shirt for the BUNNY HOP

March 20th:  Last Day to AR Test for Challenge

                     Nutrition Assembly

March 21st:  House Celebration (Winner hasn't been announced yet)

March 22nd:  -Weekly Tests

                     -Special Snack:  Candy of choice

                     -AR Celebration

                     -Report Card passed out at end of day

March 25th - 29th  SPRING BREAK



March 11th - March 15th  

Slide Show Image


***I need your help!*** 

I have been given the challenge of selling 15 Subway cards to help fund signage for the 2019 - 2020 school year.  The signage purchased will help 1st responders know where things at PPS are located!. If you are interested in purchasing a card, please let me know!



Bunny Hop (Walk)-Please send a new, white T-shirts by Wednesday, March 19thWe will wear our shirts as we "hop around town"!



Library & AR - Although the last day to take an AR Test for 3rd Nine Weeks Challenge is March 20th, please keep in mind that the Library will be CLOSED on March 15, 18, 19, and 20th for the Book Fair.  Students who have NOT already met their goal will need to read and test on e-books to meet goal requirements.

AR Party- March 21st

AR Top Reader:  Landon White

AR 100% Club:  Jayson, Maggie, Demeko, Hawkins, Artem, Kenley, Landon W., Kerigan



Book Fair


March 18-22


8:15 – 11:10 & 12:10 – 2:40


Closed from 11:10 – 12:10


The book fair will close at 10:00am on Friday.


All money MUST be in an envelope or ziplock bag labeled with the amount and the child’s name. Checks made out to PPS must have current address and phone number.


Students will not be allowed to purchase if their money is not labeled from home.

Teacher Gift Certificates are available.


(Send money in an envelope labeled Gift Certificate. Include amount and teacher’s name.)



Spelling:  Words are more difficult this week as we are learning Compound Words. Students are continuing to try to get a sticker each week they earn a 100 on their Spelling Test......they may need a little extra practice this week!


Special Snack $1 on Friday!  


March 4 - March 8  

March 7th - Spring Pictures

                -All students need to dress for our Class Picture!

February 24 - March 1  

 Slide Show Image


**HAT money MUST be in a labeled envelope/bag with student & teacher name with amount enclosed.


AR Top Reader:  Artem Tuck

AR 100% Club: Cate, Demeko, Artem, Kenley, Landon W.

100% Club are students who now take at least 2 tests and have a 100 average!

SPELLING - We also have a 100 Club in Spelling.  This is posted in our classroom!  Students have or will have 15 opportunities to get a sticker for making a 100 on a weekly Spelling Test.

February 19 - February 22  

February 20th - McWane Center Money & Permission Slips Due by 10 a.m.

February 21st - Let's Pretend Hospital Field Trip 8:30 -1:30p.m.

                     - Career Day Pictures (8 a.m.)


February 22nd - All Weekly Tests will be given!


AR Top Reader: Kenley Westfall (Tested on 7 books) last week! 

AR 100% Club: Khloee, Hawkins, Landon R., Angie, Artem

February 11th - February 15th  

February 11th - Candy Grams for Sale $1 each or 4 for $3 

February 12th - Let's Pretend Hospital Field Trip $$ Due by 10 a.m.

                     -Progress Reports signed & due back

                     -Valentine Party Items due

February 14th - Valentine Special Snack 1:45 - 2:30 p.m.

                      -Eat ice cream treat/open Valentine cards/treats

February 15th - Wear a hat all day for $1



We are starting Book 4 this week!  Only 2 more books left in 1st Grade! This book is a core part of the 1st Grade curriculum and has very important skills that are crucial for being successful in 2nd Grade.  Spelling words will get more difficult with new vowel patterns and will likely need extra attention and practice. 

Students that make 100 on the weekly Spelling Test earn a sticker on the Spelling 100 Chart!  Awards for A and A/B Honor Roll (maintained in all subjects) will be given at the end of the year!

Promotion/Retention is based off having a 60 average in BOTH Reading and Math for the year.  If a student falls below a 60 average in all 4 nine weeks combined in Reading or Math, the student will be retained in 1st Grade next year.  


Accelerated Reader (AR) - Keep Reading, Reading, Reading!  Most of you are doing an excellent job getting 2 AR books in each week.  Some are exceeding that goal and doing a SUPER JOB! 

AR TOP Readers- Tied: Kenley & Landon W. 

AR 100% Club:  Savannah, Kolt, Brayden

Math -

We are still working on the tens and ones concept.  In Topic 10, the focus is on learning to add tens and ones. Some of the focus will still be to get students to use their mental math. 

Remember to SAVE each Daily Math Practice PageTopic Test! Use these pages to refer back to if you are having difficulty reviewing with your child or if your child is having difficulty with a concept.  The top strip across the inside of each daily page shows and explains how the lesson is taught for that day.  The goal of this Math Series is to teach math by using mental math strategies. 

February 4th - February 8th  


Reading - REVIEW WEEK (No new homework!) Review 3.1-3.6 which is the 6 Homework pages your child has in their notebook.  If they have lost their pages, you can find the skills, High Frequency Words (HFW) and Spelling words here on my website under Assignments.  Just click on any of the past 6 weeks to find the material! The UNIT 3 TEST in Reading will be givin by the end of this week.

Math Test- Tuesday, February 5th/See notes about test and how to review in Assignment section!



Calendar Events:

VALENTINE NOTE: (sent 2/7/19)                                  

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! We will have our Valentine’s Day Party on Thursday, February 14th from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. For our party, each student should bring a valentine card/treat for each classmate. If you like to be creative and you want to make a small Valentine treat bag to pass out for each classmate, that is okay too!

We have 19 students in our class. To reduce the amount of time it takes to pass out Valentines, please have your child only fill out the “FROM” part of the card! Students may begin bringing their card/treats to school on Tuesday, February 12th. Please send them in a zip-lock bag or the box they came in so that I can keep them together until a good time to pass them out during the day!

For our snack, we will make Ice Cream Sundaes and have a small side of chips and a mini cupcake! After eating, students will be able to enjoy opening their Valentine cards from friends! Party Item to bring is listed on student's note in Daily Folder!

                                                                                                            Thank you for your help,

                                                                                                            Mrs. Slay


February 12th - Let's Pretend Hospital Field Trip $10 and both permission slips due by 10 a.m.

February 21st (Thursday) - Let's Pretend Field Trip



 Accelerated Reader: (Updates posted on the 1st day of the week.)

AR Top Reader - Cate & Kolt tied with 5 tests each!

 Each of these students worked hard to take 4 test each last week and kept a 100 average!  WAY TO GO!!!!


Last Weeks AR 100% Club-Emerie, Cate, Carmelo, Savannah, Khloee, Kolt, Jayson, Brayden, Demeko, Hawkins, Malaysia, Angie, Artem, Kenley, and Landon W.


 **100% Club = Students who kept a 100% average for the week!


*Fluency is our big push this semester.  We are working on increasing the amount of words per minute we can read!




January 28 - February 1  

Weather - We have not heard anything yet about the weather for tomorrow.  I will keep you all posted!

AR Top Reader: Emerie, Cate & Landon W.

Each of these students worked hard to take 4 test each last week and kept a 100 average!  WAY TO GO!!!!

Last Weeks 100% Club-

 Emerie, Cate, Carmelo, Khloee, Colt, Jayson, Maggie, Malaysia, Landon W., Kerigan

**100% Club = Students who kept a 100% average for the week!


Fluency is our big push this semester.  We are working on increasing the amount of words per minute we can read!



January 22nd - January 25th  

January 21st - NO SCHOOL (MLK Day)

January 22nd - "100th Day of School"

                     -100th Day Projects Due

January 23rd - Topic 8 Math Test

January 25th - Special Snack


AR - Read & Test on 2 books each week!


AR TOP READER - Demeko Powell


Last Weeks 100% Club-

Collin, Cate, Khloee, Demeko, Hawkins, Artem, Kenley, Landon

**100% Club = Students who kept a 100% average for the week!


Fluency is our big push this semester.  We are working on increasing the amount of words per minute we can read!





January 14th - January 18th  

Report Cards - Please sign and return by Tuesday, January 14th.  


Fundraiser - Info. coming in Tuesday Folders


Yearbooks - January 14th (Tuesday) LAST DAY to purchase for $20

                -Cost increases to $25 on January 15th


AR TOP READER: (announced by Monday afternoon)

AR - 100% Average Club (TBA)

January 7 - 11  

January 7th - INSERVICE DAY

January 8th - Students return to school

January 8th - 11th :  4 day week/tests will be given on Friday for the story

"The Class Pet"


January 11th - Report Cards come home

 January 14th - LAST DAY to get the "Early Bird Special" for YEARBOOKS $20


Notes:  This nine weeks will be a very important academic time.  The material in Book 3 will get increasingly more difficult especially some of the Spelling words. Please continue to look at your child's weekly Reading Homework. I will begin to put more focus on Comprehension Skills and Fluency (how quickly students read) from now until the end of the year.  If students were struggling this past nine weeks in Book 1 or 2, they will likely continue to need even more "extra" help at home reinforcing what I am teaching and practicing at school. 

Accelerated Reader- We need to really work hard to pick up the pace this nine weeks with our AR Reading.  This reading tool really does help to increase student comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and confidence if they are testing consistenly each week.  I do give students a 10 - 15 minute silent reading time during the day to read AR to help them pre-read and be more familiar and prepared to read their book by the time they get home to you.  Please remember, students are not allowed to take AR tests until the parent has signed/initialed the AR log saying the student is ready to test.  It only takes a few minutes for most students to sit down and read their book to you 1 time.  Most student goals will be to read and test on 3 books per week.  Focus on reading the AR book 1st, then move into the weekly Reading Homework Notebook!


    AR Top Reader- Landon White

 * AR 100 Club - Emerie, Cate, Carmello, Savannah, Artem

 * Students who keep a 100 AR average for all tests taken during the week.




December 17th - December 21st  

Slide Show Image


Monday, December 17th

     - Elf Day (Wear Read)

     - Remember to send in your Christmas Party items!

     - Send money or gift certificate if you want students to shop at the "Holiday Shop"

Tuesday, December 18th

     - Duty Free Lunch

Wednesday, December 19th

     - AR Celebration (Movie & Popcorn)

Thursday, December 20th

     -Christmas Party (11:30 - 1:00 p.m.)

      **Lunch will be a pizza lunch for students in the classroom at 11:30 a.m.

Friday, December 21st




December 10 - 12  


-Congratulations to AR Top Reader - Kolt Griffin

-AR - Last Day to Test (Monday, Dec. 17th)  READ, READ, READ

-Candy Grams are $1

-Remember to purchase your yearbook before the Christmas Break!

December 12th (Wednesday) - DIBELS

          * Be rested

          * Eat a good breakfast

          * Be to school by 8:00 a.m.


December 13th (Thursday) - HOUSE Celebration

                                        -CONGRATULATIONS to BLUE House for earning

                                          the most points!


December 20th - Class Christmas Party (Likely around 12:30 p.m.) 

                        -I will let you know a definate start time by Dec. 14th.

December 3 - 7  

Congratulations to our class!!!

We donated the most money in 1st Grade for the Rice Bowl Collection.

Thank you for being kind, giving and making a difference in another child’s life.

As a reward for collecting the most money in 1st Grade, our class will get to have a pizza party!


Congratulations to our AR Top Readers:

Last Week: Kolt Griffin

This Week: Demeko Powell

***Remember to keep Reading AR books and being ready to take tests daily to catch up. Each 9 weeks students start from scratch with a new goal and zero books. The last day to test is December 17th.

Dates for the Week:

December 3rd – 6th: Christmas Around the World

December 5th:  Pizza Party

December 7th: Polar Express/Students may wear warm pajamas and bring tennis shoes for P.E. just in case they play games in the gym, etc.

December 17th: Last Day to AR TEST

Nov. 26th - Nov. 30th  

Nov. 28th - Thanksgiving Program (1:15 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.)

Nov. 29th  - Weekly Tests

Nov. 30th - Three Little Pigs Fieldtrip

               - Math Topic 6 Test


Nov. 13th - Nov. 16th  

November 12th -Veteran's Day Observance

                       (NO SCHOOL)

November 14th - PALS Program for students

                       - Try to have all Field Trip $9 turned in!

November 15th - HOUSE Meetings

                       - 8 a.m. FINAL DAY FOR FIELD TRIP $$

November 16th -Weekly Tests

November 19th - 23rd THANKSGIVING BREAK


LIBRARY & AR - Please remember to read E-BOOKS this week to take tests on for AR this week since the Library is closed due to the Bookfair.  Directions on how to find E-Books are on the PPS website under Library and Links.  You will see E-Books listed as you scroll down under the Link section! 

BOOKFAIR - We visited the Bookfair today to take a look at all the neat books there are to offer! REMEMBER, after today, only students with money in a labeled "Bookfair" in an envelope or zip-lock bag will be able to visit the Library to shop. 

BOOKFAIR SHOPPING DAYS:  Wednesday & Thursday

(Although it says Friday, sometimes it will close early.  We do not always know the exact time it will officially close, so I don't want them to miss their chance!

Nov. 5th - Nov. 9th  

Novmeber 8th -Veteran's Day Salute (Program)

                      9:45 - 10:10 in the Auditorium


November 9th - Rice Bowl Due

                     -Students with Rice Bowls will attend a Rice Bowl breaking party


BLUE FORMS - You are doing a great job getting the Blue Forms filled out and turned in to me!  If you have not had a chance to fill yours out, please take a moment to fill it out, sign it and return it to me!  Although the paper says the due date is November 16th, I would like to have my class set complete by this Friday, November 9th!


LIBRARY & AR (Accelerated Reading)-

         Many students are doing an excellent job with AR Reading and taking at least 2 tests per week.  However, some still need to pick up the pace to not get so far behind. This week Nov. 7th - 9th, students will need to focus on taking a test on each of these days to catch up or meet their goal. 

Please keep in mind that Friday is not a good AR test day due to our other weekly tests that must be taken during the morning hours due to other time constraints throughout the day which doesn't leave a lot of time to get AR testing in.  Also, this Friday in particular will be a little different.  As soon as the Book Fair arrives on Friday, Mrs. Bedwell will close the Library to set up which means it is possible that the Library will close early Friday morning which will not allow students to get a new book. 


Nov. 13th - 16th - Book Fair


-The Library is CLOSED this week and students will not be able to check out new AR books until after Thanksgiving. I would encourage that students read e-books or check out books from the Prattville Library to test on during this week!


***- In order for students to purchase books from the Bookfair, money must be in a labeled zip-lock or envelope that has the child's name, Bookfair & the amount of money sent.



October 29th - November 2nd  

In lieu of a Halloween Party, we will be walking a mile dressed in our costumes around the block of PPS at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, October 31st.  

It costs $5 as a fundraiser to walk. Students who do not pay and do not have a signed permission slip will not walk. They will stay at the school.  When we return from the walk, we will have a Halloween Snack and then you are free to check your student out at that time. 

Monster Mile Money will be accepted through Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. It will be a big help to have that money turned in by Tuesday though! 

$5 per person to walk

October 22nd - October 26th  

October 22nd - REPORT CARD CONFERENCE DAY (No School)



RED RIBBON WEEK (Oct. 23 - Oct. 26)

 Tuesday - Students get "Smarties"

 Wednesday - Wear Red

 Thursday - Wear House Shirt (blue, green, etc.)

 Friday - Wear School Shirt


**Monster Mile: $$ Due Friday, October 26th

    Remember to send $5 per person along with the permission slip for you child to wear their costume on October 31st and walk for the Monster Mile!  Only students who pay will be aloud to walk.  After the walk, we will enjoy a Halloween Treat and drink!

Week of Oct. 15th - 19th  


October 19th (Friday) -Dreamfield Farms Fieldtrip

  -Students should dress comfortable (jeans/shorts/PPS navy shirt) and wear tennis shoes.

  -Student lunches have already been paid for.

  -Chaperones will follow us or meet us at the Pumpkin Patchby 9 a.m.

  -Chaperones NEED to BRING $$$ to purchase your own lunch at the pumpkin patch.


HABIT #4: Think Win-Win!

READING:We are beginning Book 2 this week.  With this being a short week, all tests including Spelling will be given on THURSDAY, October 18th!  

See assignment section for more Reading details.






Week of October 1st - 5th  

HABIT #3: First Things First!

Reading We are on our last story of Book 1 this week.  Go to Assignments page to read more about Reading this week and next.

 House Reveal & Shirts: Students learned what color "house" they belong to this past Thursday.  On Friday students brought their "House Shirt" home with a note explaining what this means.  Please keep these shirts in a safe, easy spot to locate as students will need to wear them on certain day.  We will be sending dates home soon!


Dreamfield Farms Fieldtrip - $$$ DUE Oct. 4th by 10 a.m.

I must have both signed permission slips along with the money for this trip before I will receipt.


Oct. 1st - AR Deadline is approaching fast. Students have 4 more days to take tests on 3 AR books.  The goal is 5 books, but remember as I talked about on Curriculum Night, I read 2 books to the class and we all took tests on those 2 books! I would aim to have all tests taken by Thursday!

Oct. 2nd - Mixed Bag Fundraiser

Oct. 4th - Dreamfield Farms Fieldtrip $$ due by 10 a.m

             -Fair Ticket Reading Logs are due.  Minutes must be totaled and turned in to

              Mrs. Slay.


Oct. 5th - Super Hero Party for all students who have had 100% attendance

             -Slushie Party for top 5 classes with best attendance

             -AR DEADLINE:  The report is usually run early in the day.  I would aim

                                      to have all 5 books read and tested on by Thursday!

Oct. 8th and 9th - NO SCHOOL (Fall Break)

Oct. 10th - 12th  *REVIEW WEEK

*REVIEW WEEK-This means that students are suppose to review all sounds in Spelling word columns and should be able to identify words with the same sound in the beginning, middle or end of the word. Students will need to do a quick review on Grammar skills taught each week as well as be able to read and use all High Frequency Words in a sentence. Students will NOT receive new Homework during this week.

Week of Sept. 24th-28th  

HABIT #3 (First Things First)-We will be learning more about Habit 3 during the next 2 weeks.


***Attendance Challenge ends October 2nd.  Keep up the good work!  We need to finish strong and have all students at school each day!  Our class has worked so hard to try to make the class party.  Remember, the top 5 classes will be rewarded AND each individual student who has had 100% attendance during the challenge time frame will get to attend the Super Hero Party!

Attendance Parties will be October 5th!

DREAMFIELD FARMS FIELDTRIP - The form for this trip was sent home today!  If you did not receive a form, please e-mail me.

Walk to School Day:  October 10th (more details soon)  

Science/Social Studies - We will be learning about Apples and Johnny Appleseed


Week of Sept. 17th  

Reminder:  Grandparent's Day Interview Due:  Monday, Sept. 17th

                 This is a Social Studies grade.

Tuesday Folders:  Please remember to look at and sign the folder with graded papers on Tuesday, then return the following day on Wednesday. It is important to check this folder on Tuesday as there are times when important handouts or assignments may be in the folder.  Graded papers should be left or returned in the folder!  Handouts should be taken out. If folders come back not signed on Wednesday, I usually hold the folder until the next week.  From time to time, if I have a lot of absenses on Friday/Monday and tests are not taken, I may hold the folders until Wednesday, but you will get a message through Remind if this is the case.  Otherwise, folders will come home on Tuesday!


Friday Special Snack: This week, we will have Ice Cream for the special snack. $1

I will be serving (mini) Ice Cream Cones on Thursday in conjunction with National Ice Cream Cone Day for September 22nd...  We will have learning activities around Ice Cream and how the cone is made.

Week of September 10th  

Grandparent's Breakfast Week - Grandparents are welcome to come eat breakfast with their grandchild Sept. 10th - Sept. 14th.

Picture Day- Tomorrow (September 11th)


Special Snack Friday:  sour straws $1


Upcoming Field Trip:

October 19th - Dreamfield Farms

Plan to Save:  $20 per student/$7 per chaperone

More information to come soon! 

***Hold all money until you receive a permission slip form!


Parent Curriculum Night-Sept. 6th Info.  

Don't forget the PPS Parent Curriculum Night Tonight!

All doors and gates will be opened at 5:20 to provide easier access to our buildings.

5:30:  1st grade families to the classrooms & 2nd grade families to the auditorium;

6:00:  1st grade families to the auditorium & 2nd grade families to the classrooms.

We look forward to learning more about the 2018-19 school year with you all this evening!

Any PPS students who are present during the auditorium presentation tonight will be invited on stage to sing our Leader In Me song!

Week of September 4th  


PARENT NIGHT - September 6th at 5:30 p.m. in Room 110 (our classroom)/6:15 we will move to the auditorium!

Please join me in our classroom on September 6th to learn more about our Leader in Me Goals, Reading and Math curriculum, Promotion/Retention Guidelines, AR/Lexia/Reflex procedures and much more! I will talk alot about how we are doing things in my class and extend to school goals.


NED Program - On Friday, our students watched a NED Program that included a story that was told through using Yo-Yos.  Mrs. Warren will be selling Yo-Yos through this Friday, Sept. 7th. 


ATTENDANCE CHALLENGE - Please remember to have your child at school each day, especially September 4th - October 2nd.  Classes that have 100% attendance during this whole time frame will earn a slushie party. 


Grandparent's Day - Grandparent's Day is coming up next week. To celebrate, Grandparents are invited to come eat breakfast with their grandchild September 10th - 14th! 

Week of August 27nd - August 31st  

READING - New Homework is in the White Binder for our 1st Book of 1st Grade! Please familiarize yourself with this page on Monday night.  Students will have a Spelling Test on Friday as well as a weekly skills test. Suggested Homework Assignments are listed under Assignments tab & Reading!

DIBELS - Our class will take the DIBELS test on Wednesday, August 29th.  Please make sure all students are here on time.  If we have 100% attendance, we get a popcorn party!

CAR RIDER SIGNS - Must be present in car! 

TRANSPORTATION CHANGES - If your schedule changes and students need to get home differently than the way they have gotten home for the last 3 weeks, please send a written note in your child's folder with the way your child will get home as well as the date and/or dates that the change will occur. I MUST have a written note to make a change. Due to the nature of the age of our students, I will not accept a verbal request for a transportation change from a student. Keeping your child safe is our top priority.

SNACK PURCHASES-All snacks must be purchased before 8:00 a.m. Students who check in late or arrive after 8, will need to prepare to bring a snack with them to school. 

FLU SHOTS - Flu Shots will be given on Thursday, August 30th for those who filled out the yellow form at Orientation.



Chappy's Spirit Night  

Prattville Primary School's Spirit Night

at Chappy's Deli

Tuesday, August 21st

5:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.

Write your teacher's name on the back of your receipt and place it in the basket located near the door.  The teacher with the most participation will receive a $25.00 gift card! 

10% of the reciepts placed in the basket will be given to Prattville Primary.

August 20 - August 24  

This week we are continuing to review our Kindergarten material and will be ready to begin Book 1 of our 1st Grade material next week!  In Math, we are continuing to work on Topic 1 (a topic is the same as a chapter).

Reading -

     Stories - School Day & Farmers Market

Math -

      We are learning the vocabulary (part-part=whole).

      We are also using red and yellow counters to show different ways to make 6, 7, 8, and 9 this week. 

      Please continue to check your child's folder daily to see and review the daily Math Lesson.  The boxes or strip that goes

      across the top of the page give an example of how the lesson was taught.  This may be a different way of thinking and

      different than the way we were taught!


Science -

      We are learning about Living/Non-living things.

Social Studies -

       We are continuing to learn the routine, expectation and procedures here at PPS.

       We also are continuing to introduce the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" which has been translated into a kid version.

       Habit 4 - Think Win-Win

       Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

       Habit 6 - Synergize

       Habit 7 - Sharpen the Saw