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McNider, Holly Principal
Cochran, Joseph Assistant Principal

Arp, Kaitlin Resource
Bedwell, Jennifer Librarian
Bolden, Lynetta 1st grade
Boren, Amanda PE
Branning, Wendy 1st grade
Brothers, April 2nd grade
Burton, Laura 1st grade
Cook, Emily RtI Facilitator/Intervention
Cook, Kristina 1st Grade
Cordell, Judy Special Education
Crook, Cathy Music
Dake, Kayla 1st Grade
Davis, Carol 2nd Grade
Dutton, Diane 2nd grade
Ferrell, McKenna 1st grade
Fitzpatrick-Johnson, Kelli Resource
Glidden, Kristie 1st Grade
Green, Jaimie Special Education
Hallman, Katie 2nd grade
Harden, Lindsay Speech and Language Therapy
Hardy, Veronica School Counselor
Holland, Brandon Physical Education Instructor
Kicklighter, Pam 2nd grade
Langham, Debbie Pre-K
Little, Brittany 2nd grade
Luker, Pamela 1st Grade
McFarland, Claire 1st grade
Messick, Ellis 1st Grade
Metz, Christie Technology
Mills, Emily 2nd grade
Moon, Ashly 1st grade
Mullins, Katie 2nd grade
Nelson, Dawn 2nd Grade
Presley, Therron PE
Rhodes, Emily 1st grade
Richards, Melanie 2nd Grade
Riddle, Melinda 1st grade
Russell, Nancy 2nd grade
Russell, Saundra 2nd grade
Shoupe, Susan 1st Grade
Slay, Shae 1st grade
Stephenson, Melanie 2nd grade
Syslo, Denise 2nd grade
Turner, Justice 2nd grade
Wingo, Rebecca 2nd grade
Yelder, Alicia 1st Grade

Barczak, Jack Cafeteria
Barrentine, Shannon Nurse
Blake, Amy Cafeteria
Cannon, Stephanie Instructional Aide
Ezell, Amy Special Education Aide
Johnson, Laura Instructional Aide
Johnson, Tonya Custodian
Lambert, Nancy Library Aide
Lawrence, Stacy Cafeteria
LeGrear, Jacqueline Instructional Aide
Oates, Mary Cafeteria Manager
Parker, Elise Pre-K Aide
Rawls, Rhonda Cafeteria
Reed, Kim Cafeteria
Starnes, Kim Secretary
Thornhill, Catherine Special Education Aide
Veasey, Amanda Special Education Aide
Watson, Patricia Special Education Aide
Wesley, Laurie Secretary