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Ellis Messick Staff Photo

Supply List 

Mrs. Messick’s Supply List

First Grade


____ 5 large pink erasers

____ 1 pair of headphones (labeled)

____1 large zipper pouch (see-through)

____4 boxes of basic Crayola crayons (24 count)

____1 pack of sharpened #2 Dixon Ticonderoga plain yellow pencils

____2 pair of 5-inch blunt-tip child’s Fiskar scissors

____3 packages of white copy paper (500 count)

____1 pack of black Expo markers (thick, not skinny)

____2 rolls of paper towels

____1 large box of tissues

____1 orange plastic folder without prongs

____1 Mead 3-prong Five-Star Plastic folder- any color (this will serve as a daily folder so it needs to be sturdy)

____2 containers of Lysol or Clorox wipes

____10 glue sticks

____4 composition notebooks

____Girls only:  1 box of sandwich size zipper baggies & 1 bottle of hand soap

____Boys only:  1 pack of colored copy paper


Wish List

1 large bag of M&M’s

Colored Expo markers

Canon ink cartridge 210 or 211 

Open House Purchases

*Donation & lunch payments must be separate check.  Everything else can be written to PPS.

Primary Handwriting Paper- $6

Technology Fee (includes INOW)- $5

PPS Tote Bag- $10

PPS t-shirt- $10

School Contribution - $15

Lunch- $2.50

Breakfast $1.25

APT membership donation- $5