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Our Weekly Class Learning

January 13  

 We will take the Performace Series Reading test on Tuesday at 10:20.  Please make sure your child is at school for this test!


Our weekly learning:


Reading:  r controlled vowels-ar; -ed and -ing endings, author's purpose

Language Arts:  verbs for past and present 

Math: Topic 8, We will complete Topic 8 on Wednesday.  Our test will be on Thursday.  A review sheet will be sent home on Wednesday.

Social Studies:  Martin Luther King, Jr., laws changing

Science:  Winter





Parent Information/Date


*Any cupcakes, lunchboxes, notes etc that are dropped off at school will be delivered to us by a staff member.  We ask that our interruptions are limited during our instructional time. Thank you for understanding!

We will be having 2 days to take the Performance Series test this month.  This test is taken on the computer.  

January 15:  Reading Performance Series 10:20-11:20

January 17:  House meeting day

January 18: Special snack

January 21:  MLK Day holiday- NO SCHOOL

January 22:  100th day of school celebration!  Please see note sent home in Tuesday folders this week.

January 25:  Special snack-popsicles $1

             Math Performance Series 2:00-2:50

January 29:  APT meeting at 6 in auditorium

*Wear house shirts on Thursday!  If you can't find your house shirts your child should wear something the color of his/her house.